Some FAQ boxes

Here are some questions and answers you need. Please read the questions and answers.

Do I have to pay before or after the service I need?

There are some services that require you to pay upfront, and some services that you don't need to pay upfront. We accept advance payment most of the time. And if we feel safe to use some customers, then we provide advance service to them.

How can I trust that you will not cheat me if I take services from you?

We provide a 100% money-back guarantee to the customer while providing our services. You can feel free to take service from us. Your fear of fraud has the same effect on us. Feel free to buy your services, because it is our business to provide the services you need.

Do you provide original services?

We provide you with 100% genuine service. You will purchase the Service from us, and we will provide you with the basic service of the Service. Serving you is our main job. We never want to do anything that disrupts our business.

If one of your services breaks, will you change it?

Some services cannot be changed. We feel free to change the services that can be changed. There are other services that have problems with their settings, we fix them

How long will it take you to complete a service?

The time it takes to complete a service is determined by the service you receive By scheduling your service, we schedule your service, and we provide you with the service at the time that is scheduled on your service.

Will you take personal information from us and keep it safe?

We keep 100% of your personal information secure. We collect some personal information from customers for our security, and we keep that personal information confidential.